Dinu Solanki (also known as Dinu Bogha) was a powerful BJP MP from Gujarat who, according to the CBI, ordered the murder of environmentalist and activist Amit Jethwa. Solanki and his nephew (Pratap Hamir Solanki alias Shiva), allegedly had a number of illegal mining businesses, and before his murder, Jethwa had filed several cases involving illegal mining and named Solanki as a respondent.

Despite the evidence against him, the Gujarat police cleared Dinu Solanki of involvement in Jethwa's murder. However, Jethwa's father pursued the case in the Gujarat High Court, and in September 2012 the court severely criticised the Gujarat police investigation and trasferred the case to the CBI, who charged Solanki in December 2013. Solanki was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2019.