Amit Jethwa (1975-2010) was an Indian environmentalist, social worker and RTI (Right to Information) activist, assassinated in July 2010. Jethwa was active around issues connected with conservation of the Gir Forest in Gujarat. He focussed his efforts against encroachment of forests, poaching, and illegal mining in protected forest areas.

Shortly before his murder, Jethwa had filed a case against BJP MP Dinu Solanki. The Gujarat police cleared Dinu Solanki of involvement, but in September 2012 the Gujarat High court severely criticised the Gujarat police investigation and trasferred the case to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). In November 2013, Dinu Solanki was arrested for Amit Jethwa's murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2019.

Blog piece on the killing of RTI activists in India.
Blog dedicated to the memory of Amit Jethwa.

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