Education plays a central role in the Hindutva project of constructing a unified Hindu identity and "nation". Sangh Parivar activity has included: creating networks of RSS-run schools; rewriting textbooks with simplistic and communal versions of Indian history, language, science and mathematics; and agitating to ban books, films, art and debate in educational institutions. Since the BJP came to power in 2014, there has been a concerted effort to appoint RSS members and sympathisers to top positions in institutions involved with education.

In Hindutva versions of history, there were televisions, cars and aeroplanes in ancient India. Aryans are indigenous Indians, while Muslims are generally invaders and oppressors. The "saffronization" of education has been openly advocated by various Sangh Parivar politicians (e.g. the Governor of Karnataka and Haryana education minister.) Narendra Modi himself has endorsed textbooks where fact is replaced with myth, and as prime minister stated that there was genetic science and plastic surgery in ancient India.

References: Links to articles on education on Narendra Modi Facts and Communalism Watch.