Zakia Jafri is the widow of Ehsan Jafri, a Congress Party MP brutally murdered in his home during the Gulbarg society massacre in 2002. She has led a lengthy legal campaign to see justice done for her husband and other survivors of the Gujarat violence of 2002. The goals of this campaign have been to see Narendra Modi and other senior politicians held accountable for the violence which occurred under their watch in Gujarat, 2002.

However, a Gujarat Magistrate's court rejected the Zakia Jafri Protest Petition in December 2013, with the judge claiming that "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" are foreign terms which cannot be considered by the court. At the time of writing, Zakia Jafri's legal battle to get justice continues.


Zakia Jafri protest petition (322 page pdf).

An outline of the legal process.

Review of The Fiction of Fact-Finding, by Manoj Mitta