Ehsan Jafri (1929-2002) was a Congress Party MP, brutally murdered in his home during the anti-Muslim pogroms in Gujarat, 2002. He died, along with 68 others, in the Gulbarg society massacre (Ahmedabad). After a Hindutva mob, including workers and local officials of the VHP and Bajrang Dal gathered outside the society, many other residents took refuge in the Jafri household. Jafri repeatedly called the police and government officials for help, but no help arrived and eventually Jafri was dragged out of his house and hacked to death by the mob. Many other victims of the massacre were burned alive.

Two other victims who lost family in the massacre, Rupa Mody and Imtiaz Pathan, testified that before his death Ehsan Jafri phoned Narendra Modi personally to ask for help, but was instead abused by Modi (see reports in DNA and on NDTV for example). Ehsan Jafri is survived by his wife, Zakia Jafri, who has led a tireless legal campaign to see justice done for her husband and other survivors of the Gujarat violence of 2002.


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