The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS, Committee for the Hindu Renaissance) is a Hindutva organisation active in Maharashtra and Goa, with the logo "For establishment of the Hindu Nation". It is founded by, and closely linked with Sanatan Sanstha, another Hindutva organisation. Initially with a low profile, it is associated with vigilanteism and paramilitary activity. Several of its members were arrested in connection with terrorist activity in Maharashtra. The group apparently threatened prominent rationalist Dr Narendra Dabholkar before his assassination in August 2013.

The HJS constructed and heavily promotes the Love Jihad conspiracy theory, central in the Muzaffarnagar communal violence. It also campaigned against artist MF Husain, objecting to his nude depictions of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and against screenings of films on the painter. Among its other campaigns, HJS has agitated for the banning of school textbooks it claims ignore Hindu rulers and glorify Muslim rulers, and against the promotion of LGBT tourism in Goa.

HJS on Communalism Watch.