Durga Vahini (literally "vehicle of [the Hindu goddess] Durga") is a Sangh Parivar women's organisation set up in the early 1990s by Sadhvi Rithambara, known for her anti-Muslim hate speech. It is the female youth wing of the VHP and the counterpart of the Bajrang Dal. It's stated purpose is for the "self-defence" of young Hindu women, including training in the use of firearms.

Durga Vahini has played an important part in communal violence, for example during the 1990 riots in Bijnor in western UP, and the Gujarat pogroms of 2002. They also engage in moral policing and vigilanteism, disrupting cultural events which portray alternative narratives of Hinduism.

Durga Vahini, the "moral police".
'It's the brainwashing in VHP's Durga Vahini camp that shocked me'.
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